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Posted Dec 10, 2011, by member Cindy Amato
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When you have a vacation home, it can seem a shame that it stays vacant for several months out of the year. These are months that could be earning you money, to help pay for your mortgage payments and taxes. Unfortunately, finding a way to offer your property up for rent can be expensive. There are services that offer this ability, but they will quickly eat up any profit you might stand to make, and once you have to pay maintenance fees, it will hardly seem worth it. Fortunately, you can get an online availability booking calendar that may change how you feel about renting out your vacation property.

An availability Booking Calendar is tailored specifically to your needs, and can be set up to handle only a single property, or you can get multiple properties if you decide to buy more properties down the road. You can choose who and when you will book for, and you can even choose whether to allow your listing to be public or private, giving you complete control over who can book your rental property. An availability calendar is commission free, so you do not have to pay the huge fees for each time your property is rented, and you can market your rental listing yourself if you so choose.

Your availability booking calendar is highly flexible, allowing you to set custom prices and options for your guests, and you can also customize the check in and check out options as well. You can block users based on emails if you need to, and you can choose the length of bookings that are allowed to be made. You can offer a terms and agreements that your guest must agree to before they can book, and you can set a maximum occupancy limit. You can also build a contact list, allowing you to market to customers at a future date should you want to. The availability booking calendar is a yearly fee and a web based program that allows you and your clients to access it 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from anywhere. The yearly fees are very affordable, at just $49 a year for a basic account that is perfect for private vacation home owners or if you decide to expand your rentals you can get a professional account for only $74.99 a year that offers you plenty of other features you will need if you are trying to manage rentals. You will make back the cost of the availability booking calendar in just one booking, if you have used a rental service before for your bookings. Bookerville is so sure that you will love the flexibility, ease, and affordability of their service they are offering a free 30 day trial so that you can see for yourself how easy their online program can make your vacation rental bookings. If you would like to know more about the booking calendar, please visit our website at Bookerville.


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