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Posted Apr 21, 2012, by member Cindy Amato
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Vacation rental properties can range from a great way to make a bit of extra cash on your property, to a serious investment or even a full time business. Finding a way to make bookings effortless and affordable, however, can be a challenge. Taking bookings by hand requires having someone available to take calls at all hours of the day, or hiring a service to manage your property. This can be expensive and cut deeply into your profits. An Online availability calendar can solve all of these problems. An availability calendar is the perfect solution for Multi-property vacation rental managers as well as vacation rental owners and private home owners looking to make back part of the cost of their personal vacation rental. With an availability calendar, you can cut out the middleman, allow guests to book their vacations direct, and prevent overbooking or any of the other problems that come with not having a system in place. You can have one availability calendar or many, depending on the number of rentals you have, or you can have one calendar for several properties to keep things easy for you.

You can easily link to the calendar from any website or social network to make it easy for your customers to find, and they can make their reservations with no further delays. Creating an online calendar is easy and will take you only minutes to do, so your rentals are now hands-free and even better, you will pay no commissions for a service to do all this for you. An availability calendar is easy to manage, you can easily change your rates and guest options, as well as view detailed reports about your bookings. With the advanced calendar you can accept fees online, automatically calculate rent, taxes, as well as a number of other fees and discounts. You do not need a merchant account to use this feature, as PayPal or credit cards will work perfectly, and you will be able to get your fees either at the time of booking or when you specify.

Your availability calendar allows for booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and everything is automated so you don't have to be present to make things happen. The service is affordable, so you don't have to watch all of your rental fees be burned up by a service. The flexibility makes it easy to advertise, and even easier to manage, meaning that you won't need to spend hours trying to figure out the interface or trying to enter you data into it. You get to choose when your private rentals are available and you can even control who can book. An availability calendar will not only save you time and make your bookings easier, but it will also make you money as well, since people who can see availability and price when they browse will be more likely to make their bookings right away. For more information about the availability calendar and how it can help you, please visit our site at Bookerville


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