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This set of forums has been created so that the Bookerville community has a convenient place to discuss things that pertain to running vacation rental properties.

The forums are divided into categories in order to keep our discussions organized. The Forum permits you to cross-reference your topics into as many forum categories as you deem appropriate, but please use careful judgment and be conservative in this. We will remove topics from categories that we feel are not a good fit.

Please keep the discussions focused on the topic, and please keep the topics focused on subject material that is related to Bookerville and/or the vacation rental industry.

Every forum has rules. Here's ours:

- No advertising.
- No soliciting to join other sites, forums, blogs, etc.
- You must be a registered member of Bookerville in order to post new topics or reply to existing ones.
- Joining and participating is totally free: Join Now
- Be respectful to others.
- No profanity (this is a public forum, so children may be reading.)
- Humor is permitted and encouraged, but please keep it clean, and don't hurt people's feelings, Ok?

Thanks! If you have any questions or suggestions, either post them right here in this topic, or email us: [email protected]

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