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So the customer paid (Sunny Pines - Kaiser is Guest), yet BV says it wasn't paid in the 20 minutes? What did I do wrong here? Dates are still showing open?

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Steve Sasman, December 14, 2014:

So not sure if I did something wrong, or don't have this set up correctly, but essentially the dates showed booked for 20 minutes (when they were not) and then the customer did pay after the 20 minutes, but I was busy & wasn't able to go in and manually change it to "booked" so then the dates falsely showed OPEN for hours when in fact the dates were paid and booked? I'm hoping there is a better way where I don't have to manually get involved for the booking to become final and show up correctly on the calendar. The way it is it shows the calendar wrong in 2 separate ways, and requires extra work on my part. Any ideas?

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