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Topic: Release 1.0
John Amato
Joined: Jan 30, 2009
Topics: 118   Replies: 750
Posted by John Amato on Aug 29, 2011 09:28 AM:    

Release 1.0 was rolled out on April 13th, 2009. Below are the major features included in this debut version:

1) Fully Interactive Availability and Booking Request Calendar:

Guests can move forward & backward in time, seeing what's available and what's not. Days in red are booked. Guests can click the days they want to stay; Bookerville only allows them to choose non-booked days. Bookerville confirms the arrival and departure dates, then prompts the guest for confirmation. When the guest confirms, the owner and guest get an email notification with the details of the booking request, and the owner can contact the guest to make arrangements.

2) Enter Your Property's URL:

You can enter a URL for a web-page about your property, and this will be displayed at the top of your Bookerville calendar, giving guests an easy way to navigate back to your site.

3) Optionally Enforce Whole-Week Bookings:

You can choose to let Bookerville enforce whole-week booking requests - either Saturday to Saturday, or Sunday to Sunday.

4) Secondary Alert Emails:

You can enter an unlimited number of secondary email addresses to receive booking request notifications. Perfect as a backup in the event that your primary email experiences trouble, or to alert a spouse or other partners.

5) Reports:

Two handy reports: one showing all guest and contact information (Name, Phone Number, Email Address), and another showing all bookings.


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