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What is the significance of the "I have checked in/out" box on the guest services app? Does this trigger or alert anything?

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John Amato, November 2, 2016:

Yes - it records this in Bookerville. We rolled it out a few months ago and were waiting to see how many guests actually do it. The results aren't super-encouraging at this point: fewer than 200 guests have bothered to do it.

Which means that showing it somewhere - like on a report, or in the Housekeeping app, or on your dashboard somewhere - probably isn't useful, at least not yet.

But we are thinking of ways to get more participation out of the Guest Services Mobile App, and as it becomes more utilized, we can incorporate the data into more things.

Do you have some thoughts?
Pam Martin, November 2, 2016:

While it is off season, we are trying to make better use of Bookerville and all of its new features that we have not had time to personalize/put in use.

We plan to send the Guest Services link to guests at the time of booking, so that they will have the links to contracts, address, and to make payments from the get go. We have removed the door code info from our arrival template and will send the door code on the morning of arrival.

We could direct guests in the arrival/departure templates to check the check in/out boxes, if they were useful. I think it would be really useful to alert housekeeping when the guest checks out, so that they may begin cleaning as soon as possible on busy turnover days.
John Amato, November 2, 2016:

Yeah, we plan to do that.

We might also recommend sending the link to the Guest Services app a few days prior to check-in, so it's fresher. By the way: the Guest Services app (we really need a name for this thing...) will show them the door code, if it's assigned (in your config).

We might also make it so that you can "trigger" emails to people (housekeeping?) when check-ins and check-outs occur.
Pam Martin, November 2, 2016:

Yes, we do not send guests the door code until after paid in full. I don't understand why this app offers both a link to make payment and the door code?
John Amato, November 2, 2016:

Good point. Although most managers wouldn't send the link to it until pretty close to check-in, and the newest Email Templates have it in the Arrival Instructions (your account is old enough that it probably doesn't have it by default). And the Arrival Instructions Email Template I believe is set to be sent a few days prior to arrival, and also has the criteria set to not send unless paid-in-full.

Still - we should put something in the Guest Services app to not display the door code unless the booking is paid in full.

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