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Hello, I was wondering if there is any feature for when a booking amount is altered that the new payment scheduled is automatically updated? We are having some issues with remembering to click on "Generate New Payment Schedule".

Thank you, Stephanie

2 Responses:

John Amato, May 2, 2017:

We actually changed this more than a year ago. If you change the booking amounts, you should get a pop-up that says: "Now that the Payment Schedule has been altered, you should re-generate the scheduled emails.
This will ensure that payment reminders and past due notices work properly."

Are you not seeing that? Is this on the Booking Details page, editing the Booking Amounts box?
Cottage Rentals, May 3, 2017:

Good Morning John,

Thank you for your response, when I edit the discount amount for this particular reservation: 4335-2373139-20170512 in the booking details / booking amounts section, the pop-up box does not automatically appear.

Thank you, Stephanie

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