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Posted Mar 26, 2012, by member Cindy Amato
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People want to get their business done quickly, so when they are booking a rental, they want to be able to go on the Internet, find out what is available in the area they plan to go on vacation to, as well as when the rentals are available and what they will cost. They want to be able to do this easily and quickly, and they want to be able to make their reservations right there on the spot. This is where an online booking calendar comes in. You can offer your client the most up-to-date calendar to show them what vacation rentals are available and where, as well as what that rental will cost them for the time they want to rent it. If you can provide a service like this to your customers, you will increase your bookings. By offering your customers an easy booking process and flexibility, you will win them over quickly and you will find that your bookings will fill up quickly.

An online booking calendar will not only increase your sales, it will also save you money and time, by offering you the sort of services you need to handle your bookings easily and efficiently and all at a very affordable price that will not break the bank. The online booking calendar is meant for everyone, from the person with only one rental all the way up to booking managers handling many rentals or condominiums. With two different account types you can get the basic services that can manage your bookings or a professional account that will manage everything from the actual bookings to taking payments.

The online software is very flexible, allowing you to customize virtually every option from how long the minimum booking is, to setting different rates based on seasons. You will find that the online booking calendar contains everything you need to for managing your small rental business without paying a fortune in fees for booking services, or having to invest hours to manage it. You can access the interface from anywhere you have access to the internet, and you can run custom reports that will let you know exactly what's going on with your bookings. You can choose to be notified of bookings so you can stay on top of your business, and you can set up a customer contact list to be able to offer them services at a later date. The professional account allows you to calculate all of the fees including any applicable taxes, collect any fees that are in addition to the rental fees such as damage deposits and cleaning fees, as well as to offer discounts for a variety of reasons. Your online booking calendar is so customizable and automated that your clients will love working with you, ensuring fast bookings and repeat clients. Please visit Bookerville if you would like more information about our online booking calendar and what it can do to help you run an efficient vacation rental service.


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