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Online Reservation Calendar

Posted Apr 26, 2012, by member Cindy Amato
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Timely and accurate reservations are a necessity for service oriented businesses. An online reservation calendar ensures prompt services and positive customer experiences. Groups such as travel operators and managers should have a proven reservation system for maintaining the internal scheduling processes, and also for allowing customer convenience. Often traditional reservation procedures fall short of their expectations. This is why online reservation systems are a friendly choice as it allows ease of operations. Managing customer reservations and bookings, which are integral components of different service based groups, is tedious and time consuming. An online reservation calendar is the best option for service providers for improving and automating their booking processes. These cloud computing applications are helpful, and allow the technology to be accessed with the help of any internet connection without installations, downloads, or costly hardware. The access can be done both by the customer and service provider like any other web page. The online reservation calendar is securely housed without being confined to individual computer networks or terminals.

This not only allows the customers to simplify their task by booking their reservations online, but allows them to access their online reservation calendar or customer particulars from any online connection. Bookerville offers this valuable benefit for individuals who require access to the information when they are not in their office. Guests love the benefits of the online reservation calendar. All they need to do is click on the days they want to book and as they click, the days are highlighted in yellow. After the details are confirmed, they are sent a confirmation email when the owner is sent a copy of the details as well as the name, contact number and email address of the guest. Bookings are available for the guests around the clock in a friendly and convenient manner.

The owner or guest can book on the calendar itself. They can look for availability in real time and even receive email notifications if they request for a reservation. All you need to do is copy and paste the url of the calendar on any web page and then integrate the online reservation calendar into your web page. During calendar maintenance, you can turn off the calendar. Bookerville allows you to give on the fly discounts during the owner set reservations, and enter all the other reservations into the calendar. You can manage your online reservations from anywhere. With the online reservation calendar, you can manage the reservations of your vacation rental properties with the help of the same single account. As an owner, you can check out a list of all the guests who have reserved a property by showing their names and other details. The monthly rollup reports are also seen. By controlling the timing of reservations, you can set the check out and check in times, or choose to enforce week long bookings throughout the year, or for a part of the year. The online reservation calendar helps in booking customer reservations through the comfort of the home.


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