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Posted Jan 4, 2012, by member Cindy Amato
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The purpose of online reservation software is to make a difference in the lives of people through ease of use and operation. The software is excellent for making reservations efficiently. The reservation software can increase profits and concentrate on the bottom line of returns. With enhanced productivity, the primary benefit of the software is to render the booking process streamlined for increasing sales per property every day. Operation costs are reduced by automation of the process of travel booking. Bookerville offers online reservation software for multi-property vacation rental managers, vacation rental owners, vacation homeowners, and guest suite managers.

The software creates a unique booking record which ties the guest to the reservation. When the client's traveling history, spending habits and preferences are known to the manager, it becomes easier to book for future travel. The feature-rich software helps in booking and inventory management for paid bookings. The result is a seamless integration with the website allowing the guests to look for availability and bookings in real time. Bookerville offers online reservation software which can close the travel bookings of the client within minutes. With immediate confirmation, the travel deals of the client are immediately closed. Along with the increasing number of travel packages and destinations, online reservation software offers all the relevant services which might be of interest to the customer. No one in the world of technology and the internet enjoys paperwork, although clients are deeply interested in having a record of their travel outlays maintained for tax purposes. These and the other back-office issues are conveniently handled by the online reservation software that automates the cumbersome process of creating receipts, confirmations, invoices, etc.

The same can be said for tracking the different airlines and wholesalers. The goal of expansion is generation of more revenue, and the means through which this is achieved is the online reservation software. The advanced modules of the property management system of Bookerville are used for different types of properties and property owners. Commission-free online booking and reservation is available around the clock. There are different advantages of using Bookerville. " You can set and collect rates " You can list the property publicly or keep it private " Guests can have value-added and custom-priced options available Bookerville's online reservation software offers two types of accounts: the Basic account helps better meet the needs and demands of clients by supporting all the features without the features of collecting the pre-payments and calculating charges. It is appropriate for property managers, vacation home owners and rental property owners who do not have to collect rent or set rates. The Professional account is ideal for rental property owners who require convenience and flexibility. The online reservation software helps them with adjusting rates, offering custom-priced options for guests, and collecting their pre-payments for the bookings. It is ideal for managers who appreciate the value of travel reservations online.


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