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Posted Jan 24, 2012, by member Cindy Amato
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A lot of property managers use Excel spreadsheets or paper for managing their investments, although there are better tools available. One of them is property management software which is inexpensive, flexible and convenient to use. A flexible rental property program helps the property manager to chart through the challenges of the business smoothly. As a property manager, the property management software helps track the details about a tenant or property at home, on the property itself, or in the office. Other members might be required for obtaining records which are kept on a web server.

Bookerville helps you by offering unlimited units without compromising on the security features, while using the property management software. While the records are not stored on your computer, they are maintained on a system which offers much better security than yours. The best property management software uses multiple storage facilities and SSL security that allows for encryption of your data which is thus made unreachable for hackers. The aim at Bookerville is to add value, by serving customers with software solutions which save money and time, keep the system organized, and help them manage their business anytime, anywhere. Bookerville helps maintain a healthy and long term relationship by offering property managers long-term satisfation, instead of up to the duration of the subscription. The property management software offers support on schedule, catering to multi-family units and commercial properties alike.

The software is responsive to your special needs with timely software upgrades and whenever a fully tested new feature is ready. An accounting package is offered which supports the accounting method you prefer. The property management software includes the accounting reports that you may run for any period of time. Check-writing is made easy with the software that helps you print off on your computer. Reminders for appointments, tasks and projects are set and the important aspects of expiring leases and late rent payments are looked into. The function of the property management software is to save time and frustration. Bookerville ensures that the customers' guests are served in the best possible manner by offering them a user friendly booking system that is efficient, intuitive, and convenient to use. With the help of different data fields, you can store the information you want. The mandatory data fields are restricted for enabling better maintenance. With fast and easy data management, you do not have to spend time entering records and locating the needs of your property. The property management software makes these tasks easier to handle. Loading is enabled faster with the help of faster searching and sorting that allows you to locate all that you need within minutes. Simple tasks like making reports and calculations are made easy. As a company which is focused on the needs of the users, Bookerville provides the property management software which is easy to understand and use. The website is constantly reviewed for best understanding the needs of customers, and for creating a useful and usable software system that anyone can afford.


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